Welcome To Prussia Detroit!

As you already likely know, the band has moved onto their newest project Jamaican Queens. You can listen to their newest stuff on their bandcamp page.

Of course, there is plenty of Prussia Detroit still out there. Here is the facebook page,  and the original Prussia bandcamp page.

However, what seems to be more active than either band is Ryan Spencer, Guitarist and singer for the band. His facebook page has new stuff all the time and he’s even teaming up with his wife for some covers. He also has a bandcamp page.

Here are some of our Favorite Prussia Detroit Videos:

Maybe the band didn’t last, but they sure were good at picking out names for bands and albums and stuff.

Since this site no longer has a band to support, I’ve repurposed the site to provide information to other aspiring guitarists on how to hone their craft and get their first gigs. I hope You Find it an extremely valuable resource.

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